MixORGLabs is a research wing of MixORG which aims to technically empower the organisation for taking up projects in the field of AI and machine learning. The problems that we are focusing on currently involve computer vision, machine learning for building powerful AI solutions for society and enterprise.

Visual AI powering intelligent sensor systems

From science to solutions, we harness the power of deep learning, with unprecedented prediction models that are designed to enable digital transformation for our society.

ALPR Systems

Automatic License Plate Recognition is a problem for almost every housing society, business park and Toll booth. Though, there are systems in place currently which recognise the license plate numbers of vehicles, they don’t adapt to all the situations correctly and also lack self correction ability. We work on an active learning model for such problems to identify even partial texts to give the best accuracy and learn the mistakes improving every day on a global data to attain industry leading accuracy.

Solutions based on this technology vary for every use case for which our team tirelessly works with clients to make their day easier.

Facial Recognition

Along with user Identification for attendance, authorisation and security purposes we are building powerful and efficient image processing models to recognise and contextualise every person’s unique situation by facial expressions analysis to effectively learn new features about users and predict user engagement index.

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If you are passionate about solving real world problems with AI, we are looking for you. How we team up together to make this world a better place. We currently are looking for Interns as well as full time tinkerers to join us in our quest.

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